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The Citygent
Klaus Hergesheimer from G Section...? Testing radiation shields...?

The Citygent
When: 30-11-2010 21:11
What: holy shit
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I turn my back for a while, and when I come back my log in is covered in weight loss adverts and other toilet

Been busy, really busy with work. Also smothered in other tasks.

Will update again when I move house later in December into Tube area Zone 2 in London.

Ning, Ning :op
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The Citygent
When: 23-04-2010 14:38
What: Happy News Story
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Pointless link:news
This news story made me smile.

Student gets a wrong number from a diplomat to the UN during class. Teacher calls out the diplomat. Diplomat goes to school to give a speech by way of apology for disturbing History class.
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The Citygent
When: 12-04-2010 20:59
What: Motorway Pig chaos reporting not helped by Citygent
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Earlier today, the M4 motorway was closed following an articulated lorry spilling its load of 100 live pigs.

On the BBC website they were asking if anyone had been there.

The Citygent left this comment:

"I was there earlier - Pork bellies are up on frozen OJ, so I loaded two of the pigs into my car and took them home. They made a heck of a racket when they woke up at junction 12.

Those vets might find they're a few more short as I saw a few other people with the same idea as me herding pigs into a winnebago with a welsh flag in the back window."

Jenni Sheppard (nice sirname to cover the story), a Broadcast Assistant has emailed me back with this request:

"Many thanks for your message about the runaway pigs on the M4. See below for your reference.

I was interested to read that you had captured some of the pigs and wondered whether this was indeed true? Could you fill us in on the full story?

If so, that is an extremely interesting line and I'm sure our news outlets would be interested to learn of you and others capturing the pigs.

Would you be able to provide us with a phone number on which to call you and discuss the situation?"

I've just replied with:

"Hi Jenni

Thanks for getting back. As you can imagine, thieving a couple of live pigs from under a bridge on the M4 motorway isn't the sort of thing that I really want to have broadcast, especially if I'm just one of a number of people with the same idea. I can hardly speak for them, of course.

Your best bet is to keep your eye on the http://www.showhog.com/auction page where pigs can be bid for online, no questions asked. It's better than having to auction them where people can check them as salvage. Those Welsh lads might not have sold theirs yet. None of my business what they do eh?

I've already sold mine for £65 each. Hardly worth the effort considering one of them shat in my car..."

I vonder vere this might lead?
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The Citygent
When: 11-04-2010 17:46
What: Testing the iPhone app
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Where:United Kingdom, England, Berkshire
Pointless link:via ljapp

Testing the iPhone App

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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The Citygent
When: 09-04-2010 21:48
What: Pixel War on New York
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Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Independent web videos.
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The Citygent
When: 05-04-2010 01:57
What: Happy Easter, Everyone
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The Citygent
When: 04-04-2010 14:17
What: Whoops
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Nicky Campbell drops the C-Bomb

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The Citygent
When: 03-04-2010 13:38
What: Doing it wrong #827,509
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And here's a story about a guy doing it wrong

Man's girlfriend tries to set up a threesome for her boyfriend, he tries to murder her
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The Citygent
When: 31-03-2010 12:52
What: Trololo Cat
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The Citygent
When: 29-03-2010 21:14
What: The best school teacher's common room ever
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This occurred to me today while trying to navigate vacillating rules coming in from my colleagues in the SF bay area.

If you were a kid again, going back to that dumb place called school, who would you want as teachers? My HR colleagues in the office had a chat about it and we started to make up a list of what the teaching staff might look like. Here's my list of subjects and teachers:-

Head Teacher & English Lang: Stephen Fry
English Lit: Kenneth Brannagh
Maths: Carol Vorderman
Classics: Boris Johnson
French: Sophie Marceau
German: Franke Potente
RE: Richard Dawkins (Supply teacher, Tenzin Gyatso)
Drama: Kate Winslet
History: Tony Robinson (Supply teacher, Terry Jones)
Business Studies: Richard Branson
PE: Daley Thompson
Music: David Grohl
Home Economics: Nigella Lawson
Art: Banksy
Biology: David Attenborough
Chemistry: (Following the death of Albert Hoffman, there is now a vacancy. Applications welcome)
Physics: Johnny Ball (Supply teacher, Stephen Hawking)
CCF and School Maintenance: Chris Ryan

Alternative subjects/teachers welcome in the comments :o)

Update: New Subjects / Teachers -

Media Studies: John Stewart
Spanish: Salma Hayek
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